Reboot days 3 & 4

Just a little update on my juice reboot.

The third day was miserable.  Woke with a headache and felt like I was coming down with a cold, and a little dizzy at times.  It was pretty bad. I just wanted to go back to bed and stay there for the rest of the day.  However, I expected that.  From all that I read the first 3 days are the worst.  So true.  The 4th, which is today, was ok. No headache, and I felt amazingly alert.  Hopefully I’m on the other side and It will be clear sailing now.  The great part is that I am losing a pound a day.  This is awesome!

I will update again soon.  I’m sure daily is a bit much.. ha

Reboot day 1

No coffee today my little Keurig.  Just a nice cup of hot water with ginger and lemon. Yummy.  Actually it wasn’t too bad.  I had all the drinks ready so I almost felt odd getting ready to go to work. Packing my lunch was a few glasses of drinks.  I rarely have breakfast so it was a little difficult getting the first juice down.  There’s a lot of liquid in a reboot.  I felt like I was constantly drinking something.  What goes in must come out, sooooo quite a few trips down the hall as well.  I only felt hunger once, and it was around 1pm so it was lunch time.  The Mean Green drink is a little on the strong side but I think it grows on you.

Getting home to a kitchen full of food cooking. Yeah that pretty much sucked. My husband cooks on his day off and packs lunches for the week.  That was tough, but I made it though.

Juiced for tomorrow.  It was a little easier, still took awhile and I made quite a mess, but hopefully, it will get easier as I get the hang of it.

I get to end the day with a nice cup of hot water with ginger and lemon..

Juice on! ;)

La Vida Raq

So its been awhile since I’ve even been to this blog. I have in the meantime changed a few things. Eating vegan being one of them. Maybe even the most important of the changes. Funny how people react when you tell them you have changed your diet. It’s like you changed religions. Yeah, that dramatic. The first question? Where do you get your protein? Amazing.. However just changing your diet and omitting meat and dairy doesn’t mean you will lose weight. Imagine that. My husband of course lost more weight than I could ever hope to. Hate him. Well, not really. But, I hate the inequality of the male, female losing weight stuff. Not fair! He eats bread, daily. Has tea with honey and oatmeal with agave sweetener. He still loses weight. Me? Not so much.

I started reading Dr Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live. I found I was going about it all wrong.  Of course I am.  Isn’t that what the hubby has been saying for awhile now? Yeah, he’s pretty smug right now.  Then while looking through The Dr’s website, read that quite a few of the people had watched the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I checked out Netflix, and guess what was there? Yup, I watched it. It moved me. Moved me so much that I went out bought a juicer and some fresh veggies. I have been pouring over the website for Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, in order to get ready to fire it up. So that’s why I’m here again. I plan on checking in here, as I go about this journey. I want to be a realist about this and take it one day at a time. However I hope I can do this for awhile. Five days is my first goal. I am hoping to go on until I lose the weight I want. 70 pounds. Yes 70. Then I hope to continue on eating a plant based diet. From what I have read so far, the first 3 days will be the worst. I have a cup of coffee every morning so caffeine will be a withdrawal as well as sugar. If you’ve done this reboot, watched this movie (which I highly recommend) or just plain have something to enlighten me with please do. It would be great to have a buddy to start this with as well. So if you’re about to start your own reboot let me know. Here goes everything :)

So I just wanted to add:

I decided to get the juices ready for tomorrow, since I get up pretty early.  It was quite a chore and a mess.  I hope to get better and faster at it. It also takes quite a bit of veggies to make a drink.  The taste? Well, I am pleasantly surprised.  I made the Joe’s Mean Green juice and the Peach Pie juice.  I had read where some find the Mean Green one strong.  I liked it!  We shall see how it goes tomorrow.

Open houses and Christmas boutiques

In San Juan Bautista, CA. You need to get out and see what you can find this weekend in the little town of SJB. Lots of handmade crafts and beautiful art. Who knows you may even see some pretty nice wraps that have been hiding out.





Well I suppose its time I get back to work and get a few things cut or wrapped or both.  These 2 wraps are my latest.

My original twisted pendant is one I wear almost daily and it still gets quite a few compliments.  I just had to try to make more after that one.  It wasn’t easy either.

The malachite drusy, and chrysocholla drusy in the new twisted pendant is from Lima peru. I love this stone and it has been hard to find. So when I do find it I have to buy as much as possible. The cutting of it is pretty tricky tho.  I just hate to lose any color or drusy crystal.  But I can’t wrap a big a chunk of rock nor do I want it to just sit on a shelf and get dusty.  This rock just begs to be cut and wrapped.

The next pendant has a focal skull magnasite bead.  I bought a few skulls at a rock shop in Alburquerque NM last summer.  Since it was a nice turquoise color, I had to add a little coral and a Pecos River diamond we found in NM too. The garnet was just a lil more color and I like for these twisty pendants to have as much color as possible.  This pendant is just totally southwest inspiration.



Thanks for stopping by :)

Life has gone to the dogs

I finished a pendant that is a twist of stones and silver wire. I wanted it to have stones on all sides and no matter which way it hangs it would have something pretty. I had a piece of the Chrysocolla/Malachite Drusy from Peru and I wanted it to be the focal. I soldered a couple of pieces of 18 gauge silver wire to make it look like a dragon finger, or so it does to me anyway. Then I started weaving from it. The piece has 3 tourmalines, 2 garnets, and a spinel along with the drusy cab. Here is the pic for it and a lil video.

I had an idea for another but it will have to wait since my life has been invaded by a couple of lil gremlins.

They are so much fun, but just like kids they take up alot of time.
Thanks for coming by!

Something new

So I’ve been wrapping a couple of pendants for the past couple of weeks and I have been wanting to make something in line with an amulet. Something different. So with a little weaving and then a little more weaving I have come up with these new two. The first has 2 tourmalines and a Mexican fire opal, the second has a faceted red garnet and blue green piece of apatite.

I am once again addicted to wrapping. Seems like I can’t stop for awhile then I take a break then back to being addicted. Crazy stuff.
Well thanks for stopping by! Hope you get to enjoy the the three day weekend. I know I am. :)

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