We are having a heat wave!

The best thing about the bay area is the weather. Usually that is. Today the sun got us into the hundred degree stuff! Yesterday was just as bad too. That said outside activities were morning ones and then outta the heat the rest of the day. I did my best to make a new piece or at least start one but to no avail. I have wrappers block. That’s what my husband calls it. lol 🙂 I finished one pendant that I had started during the week and thats about it. I was wanting to break out and try something a lil different so, yeah, scrap metal baby!.. I know your probably tired of the lil green stones I’m so happy about but seriously, I’m gonna show you the other one I had in the first batch then I promise to keep going with new stuff. That said here ya go….

I hope you all had a great weekend.
Stay cool!


Well thanks to the friendly people at Taogem forum the green stones in the prior post are exactly that, Michigan Greenstones, or Chlorastrolite. They are the official Michigan State gem. They seem to be a rare find and I’m happy to have found them! MICHIGAN GREENSTONE or CHLORASTROLITE

Recent finds

I hit a small sale, ok its where that last estate sale was. I saw a sign in the same vicinity and thought hey! Could it be? Well yes, yes it was. The same place as that estate sale from a few weeks ago. They even remembered me. How could they not, the crazy lady that wants rocks. They had found a few small vials with rocks and an old tumbler with some slightly tumbled stones. There was also a box of different stages of tumbling grit and a couple of very cool books. The books are pretty old but one of them is a book on where to find different rock in California. Its really interesting and hopefully will lead me to some great finds. I took it all of course.. here are some pics.

If you happen to know what the green cabs are leave me a comment or send me a note. I’d love to know. Thanks for coming by!

Cabs and Pendants

Today was a great day to get things done around the house like cabbing and starting up some pendants. lol, ok, so I wasn’t talking about washing clothes and cleaning house. Thats a given, for Saturday. Anyhoo, I got to finish a couple of cabs, start a few others, as well as finish up a pendant and start a few. Here my hard work for the day even tho it doesn’t seem like much.. I’m only posting the finished stuff.

I hope everyone’s weekend ended safe and happy as did mine and those closest to me. You know who are.

Carved Scarab

This is one of the scarabs from the past estate sale along with a very pretty blue tourmaline.

I loved the way the cab was carved into a scarab and just couldn’t wait to wrap it up. It needed silver. I felt the lil blue would be happy to keep it company.

Silver Twisting Weekend!

I got a few things finished and started this weekend. There are 2 Mexican fire opals I cabbed, and a small amethyst from the prior weekends’ estate sale. Here they are..
Mexican Fire Agate Mexican Fire agate also Amethyst Amethyst
On a subject other than stone and silver. Apple to announce some good things tomorrow, can’t wait!
In any case hope you have had a great weekend.