Slow moving

I had a lil accident and have bruised the bone in my forearm.  Not a good thing.  Pain, pain meds, and a little r&r. So this weekend has been movies and just staying cool.  I would really like to get some things finished but looks like its gonna take a while.  I have found that I can text with my left hand, way better than I thought I could. Typing is slower with one hand, but what’s the hurry anyway, right?  I watched some cool videos on the apple site and learned soo much about my new macbook.  I’m so loving the trackpad.  Its so amazing!  Ok, ok, I love my new macbook. I took a couple of pics with my iphone and have just been enjoying technology.  Here are a couple of the pics,

Hope your day is bright and happy!

No its not the meds 🙂

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