Reboot day 25

I can’t believe I’ve made it to day 25!  No food has passed these teeth! ha! What an amazing journey this has been.  I’ve lost 16 pounds and have had no migraines, or side effects from stopping the hormones.  It’s all been good.  I found that wanting food and being hungry are two very different things, if you think duh, keep it to yourself.. this is my experience. 😉  But food is everywhere.  You can’t turn on the tv or open a magazine without seeing some kind of food!  People talk about food all the time! Funny but when you try to get away from something, there it is in your face!   Anyway, I did have cravings.  I just kept on juicing and knew I had to go as close to the 30 days as I could in order to complete the detox.  Watching documentaries on Netflix and YouTube helped keep me motivated as well as the juice masters instructional videos.  I also spent time on the reboot website.  Its full of so much information, recipes, and the community is there for encouragement.

This is it!  Today I have a cup of lentil soup and will continue on the eat to live program.  Juicing will stay as a part of life as well.

If you’ve thought about trying it out, the only thing stopping you, is you.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Talk to your dr and just get to it! 🙂


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