A little bit about me

RaqI have always loved to make my own jewelry. Started with liquid silver and turquoise, but I started silversmithing thanks to my husband who bought me tools and a class for Christmas a few years back.  He knew how much I had been wanting to learn.  According to him, this was my entry to this obsession. Making jewelry led to wanting to find just the right stone, which led to, I will make the shape and polish my own. Now its gotten to the point where ya just can’t have enough rock, right? 🙂

Jewelry should be a statement of the uniqueness within each of us.  I love to find a stone, cut it , then polish and make a one of a kind piece.  The piece almost makes itself.  Sometimes it even surprises me.  Well I hope you enjoy coming to this site, I enjoy having you. Drop me an email or comment, I would love to hear from you. I’m also on twitter just look for Raqy.


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