So rocks and stones have been my life for many years.. not that it’s going to change any time soon… A person can try new things though. Can’t they?

I tried to get back into wire wrapping but for some reason there was just no inspiration.

Thanks to my daughter who kept bugging me to get into resin for the past couple years, I finally decided to give it a try. Ok, I’m totally addicted. It’s so much easier on the hands too…don’t tell her… I’m so glad I finally tried it… it’s been fun.

Sure the flowers in resin are beautiful.. and I have made a few. But there is so much more to it!

Here we go!



Slow moving

I had a lil accident and have bruised the bone in my forearm.  Not a good thing.  Pain, pain meds, and a little r&r. So this weekend has been movies and just staying cool.  I would really like to get some things finished but looks like its gonna take a while.  I have found that I can text with my left hand, way better than I thought I could. Typing is slower with one hand, but what’s the hurry anyway, right?  I watched some cool videos on the apple site and learned soo much about my new macbook.  I’m so loving the trackpad.  Its so amazing!  Ok, ok, I love my new macbook. I took a couple of pics with my iphone and have just been enjoying technology.  Here are a couple of the pics,

Hope your day is bright and happy!

No its not the meds 🙂