Reboot day 25

I can’t believe I’ve made it to day 25!  No food has passed these teeth! ha! What an amazing journey this has been.  I’ve lost 16 pounds and have had no migraines, or side effects from stopping the hormones.  It’s all been good.  I found that wanting food and being hungry are two very different things, if you think duh, keep it to yourself.. this is my experience. 😉  But food is everywhere.  You can’t turn on the tv or open a magazine without seeing some kind of food!  People talk about food all the time! Funny but when you try to get away from something, there it is in your face!   Anyway, I did have cravings.  I just kept on juicing and knew I had to go as close to the 30 days as I could in order to complete the detox.  Watching documentaries on Netflix and YouTube helped keep me motivated as well as the juice masters instructional videos.  I also spent time on the reboot website.  Its full of so much information, recipes, and the community is there for encouragement.

This is it!  Today I have a cup of lentil soup and will continue on the eat to live program.  Juicing will stay as a part of life as well.

If you’ve thought about trying it out, the only thing stopping you, is you.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Talk to your dr and just get to it! 🙂


Reboot Day 13

Wow, already day 13.  I can’t believe I’ve made it this far.  It’s been pretty hard.  I’ve lost 10 lbs, still feel very alert ( who would’ve thought I was living in a fog) and I feel quite well.  I didn’t get that big surge of energy everyone talks about but I do have more energy than before. I still get a small headache every now and again but not migraines. I don’t take anything for them since I’m cleaning out my body so they just go away on their own and it hasn’t been too bad. My skin feels awesome as everyone says that’s on a reboot. Must be all the hydration.  I drink 4-6 juices a day along with a gallon of water, wonder why I wake in the night dying of thirst.

I have been wanting to get off the hormones that I was put on when I had my hysterectomy 9 years ago.  Yeah 9 years of HRT.  Whenever I tried to wean myself off before it came with some nasty side effects.  Pains and hot flashes or flushes whatever you want to call them.  So I decided that while I was at this reboot might as well go all in.  I’m not recommending this to anyone, I’m just saying this is what I decided to do on my own. So far I’ve had no issues.  I’m kinda excited about that.

I’m not saying it’s easy.  You have to go buy all this produce, and the cashiers look at you like WTH!  It fills your fridge and its like for 3 days.  Ugh  It can be so messy too.  I found that if I do a marathon juicing and make enough for 3 days It’s just so much easier than juicing every night for the next day.  I know it’s better fresh, but you gotta do what’s best for you.  This is best for me.  I have mason jars that I store my juices in and that takes up less room than all that produce.  You have to run to the bathroom every hour or more.  The hardest part for me has been of course, being around food.  I’m not hungry, I just want food.     My other half still has to eat, and I get the privilege of making his dinner.  Lucky me.

It is however worth the trouble, I think.  It has been for me so far. I keep motivated by watching different documentaries on it and have really enjoyed The Juicing Documentary on YouTube as well as Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Vegucated and Forks over Knives which I watched on Netflix. The community on the reboot with joe site is amazing and if you have questions or just need a few buddies to start with, that’s the place to be.

I have a couple more weeks to go and if you wonder why I’m trying to get to about 30 days here’s why, the different juice fasting stages.  I plan to stop around the 6th of November.  I will be on vacation after and I hope to integrate some food into my life at that time.

So if you’ve thought about this, do it. Talk to your doctor and jump in!  You can start slow if you want, 3 days, 5days.  Work up to whats best for you.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Juice on! 🙂

La Vida Raq

So its been awhile since I’ve even been to this blog. I have in the meantime changed a few things. Eating vegan being one of them. Maybe even the most important of the changes. Funny how people react when you tell them you have changed your diet. It’s like you changed religions. Yeah, that dramatic. The first question? Where do you get your protein? Amazing.. However just changing your diet and omitting meat and dairy doesn’t mean you will lose weight. Imagine that. My husband of course lost more weight than I could ever hope to. Hate him. Well, not really. But, I hate the inequality of the male, female losing weight stuff. Not fair! He eats bread, daily. Has tea with honey and oatmeal with agave sweetener. He still loses weight. Me? Not so much.

I started reading Dr Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live. I found I was going about it all wrong.  Of course I am.  Isn’t that what the hubby has been saying for awhile now? Yeah, he’s pretty smug right now.  Then while looking through The Dr’s website, read that quite a few of the people had watched the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I checked out Netflix, and guess what was there? Yup, I watched it. It moved me. Moved me so much that I went out bought a juicer and some fresh veggies. I have been pouring over the website for Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, in order to get ready to fire it up. So that’s why I’m here again. I plan on checking in here, as I go about this journey. I want to be a realist about this and take it one day at a time. However I hope I can do this for awhile. Five days is my first goal. I am hoping to go on until I lose the weight I want. 70 pounds. Yes 70. Then I hope to continue on eating a plant based diet. From what I have read so far, the first 3 days will be the worst. I have a cup of coffee every morning so caffeine will be a withdrawal as well as sugar. If you’ve done this reboot, watched this movie (which I highly recommend) or just plain have something to enlighten me with please do. It would be great to have a buddy to start this with as well. So if you’re about to start your own reboot let me know. Here goes everything 🙂

So I just wanted to add:

I decided to get the juices ready for tomorrow, since I get up pretty early.  It was quite a chore and a mess.  I hope to get better and faster at it. It also takes quite a bit of veggies to make a drink.  The taste? Well, I am pleasantly surprised.  I made the Joe’s Mean Green juice and the Peach Pie juice.  I had read where some find the Mean Green one strong.  I liked it!  We shall see how it goes tomorrow.